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October 31 – November 4, 2020

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Family History Day Virtual Seminar

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1:00 pm Welcome
Literary Awards
“Creating Connecticut: Critical Moments that Shaped a Great State,”

Walt Woodward’s talk will focus on his new book, Creating Connecticut: Critical Stories That Shaped a Great State.

Dr. Walter Woodward

“Beyond the Cemetery Gate: The Graveyard as a Genealogy Resource,”

“Beyond the Cemetery Gate” is geared specifically for genealogists. Learn to ‘read’ the cemetery for clues and information. Using both direct observation and deductive reasoning from objects such as the writing, art, geology and the cemetery landscape, much new insight can be revealed. That new insight can answer questions, create new inquiries, and open doors for further detective work. Many genealogists use the cemetery as a cursory resource; some haven’t tapped it at all. This program will get them looking at these spaces, both old and new, as a valuable resource for their data collection activities!

Gravestone Girls/Brenda Sullivan

6:30 pm “Scaring Up Cousins with Genealogical Cousin Bait,”

Come and learn a series of lesser known but extremely useful tools you can use to find possible cousins and enable cousins to find you on Family Search, Ancestry, Find a Grave, and DNA websites. “Cousin bait” can include ancestor photos, old documents, surname lists, family trees, and family stories. Discover practical ideas for easy and often free ways to set genealogical bait for cousins and take the bait that potential cousins leave online.

Marian Burk Wood

6:30 pm “Funeral Homes and Family History: They’re Dying to Meet You,”

This presentation will teach participants what type of records are typically found in funeral homes, how to locate these resources online and “in the field,” as well as provide real life examples of how to search for ancillary clues in funeral home records.

Daniel Earl

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On Demand Presentations Available October 31 – November 14, 2020

“Who’s Afraid of Self-publishing? Tips for Your Family History Book”

Diane Boumenot

“Top Ten Scary Irish Genealogy Tips”

Nora Galvin

“Who’s Afraid of Some Paperwork?: Navigating the Application Process for the Revolutionary War Lineage Societies”

Bryna O’Sullivan

“Seventeenth Century Origins of Colonial Connecticut”

John Putnam

“Introduction to Old Burying Grounds at the Ancient Burying Grounds of Hartford Connecticut”

Ruth Shapleigh-Brown

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